Stage One

Our newly redesigned stage has gone immersive. Post Haste Digital is now proud to fully support Atmos and DTS-X in our fully certified nearfield room.

The Main Theater

Our Main Theatre has had an extensive history of technological firsts dating back more than 15 years. It contains one of the first, and still largest Digidesign ICON installations in the world with many well known re-recording mixers and sound supervisors regularly utilizing our stage for their projects. It also continues to be one of the most requested mix environments on the Westside of Los Angeles for theatrical re-recording and pre-dubs. Our Main Theatre can accommodate both large and small monitoring setups for theatrical as well as home entertainment playback and listening. We also have a large screening area that can comfortably seat over twenty people.

ADR Stage

Our ADR stage is state-of-the-art, spacious and elegant. The stage is large enough to comfortably accommodate up to twelve participants, making it the ideal choice for Automated Dialogue Replacement – ADR, voiceover, loop group, commentary, and scoring. Clients appreciate our stage for it’s spacious control room offering multichannel recording, mixing and playback capabilities, as well as an inviting environment for video recording and shooting. Our staff not only ensures the highest level of technical support but also caters to our clients needs and offer amenities such as gourmet coffee, fresh fruit and a variety of additional food options. Our ADR stage is one of the most sought after dialogue recording spaces on the Westside.

Archival & Migration Services

Our Data Migration Services are equipped to handle all the 1's and 0's you may have. We are experienced in migrating most digital formats. Contact us to setup an appointment to speak with our experienced staff about getting your existing elements migrated today

Video Mastering

Post Haste’s dynamic encoding and decoding processes power your HD and SD workflows. We have three systems for file creation: Adobe Premier Pro / After Effects (CS6), Digital Rapids Transcode Manager and Final Cut Systems. We ingest from any media, data or tape, including conversions. We then transcode to create a wide range of file formats to meet your delivery requirements. We offer current file wrapping, such as DCP, J2K, AVI, EST VOD, Broadcast Quality tape replacement files and all Quicktime codecs. Baton and Open Cube insure file quality and integrity. Any problems detected can be rectified in the same facility, whether audio or video, to assure on-time deliverables that are right the first time.